For SMEs

A strong business credit profile unlocks access to credit, more attractive interest rates, better trade terms with suppliers,and business growth opportunities. In emerging markets, millions of formal and informal SMEs are reluctant to seek or cannot access credit simply because they are information “invisible” to lenders. Chances are, your business is one of them.

Our free SMECreditPro 360 RatingTM will give your business the credit profile it deserves in less than two hours. All you need to do is complete our intuitive, easy to fill out online SME information application form, optionally link your online accounts, and upload a few documents

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For Lenders

Some 131 million micro, small, and medium formal enterprises (SMEs) across emerging markets have unmet credit needs totaling some $5 trillion. Many lenders view these SMEs to be too information-opaque, risky, costly, informal, and difficult to reach to serve profitably. SMECreditPro Lender AdvantageTM Solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and traditional and innovative alternative data to credit rate SMEs in emerging markets so lenders can more safely, profitably, and cost-effectively seize this huge lending opportunity

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For Corporations & Government Buyers

For corporations, pre-screening SME suppliers for legitimacy, financial strength, and credit standing can strengthen and reduce vulnerabilities in the supply chain, prevent business disruption, and protect brand equityFor government agencies, adding an SMECreditPro Supplier AdvantageTM pre-screening requirement when bidding out public projects and supply contracts can improve transparency and fairness in the bidding process and help attract high quality suppliers Yes, let’s discuss partnership options

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