Apply Online for Business Working Capital

Take your business to the next level with our SMECreditPro business loan. We have made it simple and faster for you to apply for a short term small business loan online. Get up to XAF 5.000.000 within 72 hours to meet your cash flow or growth objectives.

Is My Business Eligible?

1. Have you been in business 1 year or more?

We require that your business be at least one-year-old and generating revenue.

2. Do you have more than XAF 3.000.000 in annual revenue?

Our SMECreditPro business loan is designed for SME businesses with annual revenue (turnover) above XAF 3.000.000.

3. Is your SMECreditPro 360 Score 60 or above?

We require a minimum 360 Score of 60 (out of 100) and will work with you to resolve any input anomalies or errors on your application that may change your final 360 Score.

4. Do you need to bridge your cash flow gaps, improve, or grow your business?

Our SMECreditPro loan gives you the opportunity to cover your cash flow gaps, and improve and grow your business. We provide financing based on your cash flow and do not require collateral.

5. Are you disappointed with the traditional sources of finance?

SMECreditPro is branchless: no physical branch visits. Our entire application process is online, with no hidden fees, no collateral, and no bulky documentation. Our objective is to get you the finance you need within 72 hours.